Sector strategies and reforms

Nodalis advises public entities in the definition and implementation of power sector policies and reforms to meet the major challenges of the sector: improving access to electricity, promoting, and integrating renewable energy, developing regional electricity interconnections and strengthening the regulatory bodies.

Since its inception, Nodalis has participated in energy sector reforms in many African countries. Nodalis provides support to public authorities at each stage of the reform process: institutional, legal, economic, and financial diagnosis, support to the operationalization or transformation of public actors (un- or rebundling, transfer of assets, etc.).

Infrastructure and power utilities

Nodalis works with public and private operators at all stages of the development of infrastructure projects, providing studies (economic, financial, legal, institutional) and transaction advisory services.

Thus, our experts are regularly involved in renewable energy generation projects (solar farms, hydroelectric plants, wind farms, biomass plants) and electricity transmission lines or in the implementation of rural electrification concessions. Nodalis has also developed an expertise in structuring battery energy storage systems, both in centralized mode and in hybridization with large capacity solar PV plants.

Nodalis provides expertise in defining and implementing strategies and programmes to improve power utilities performance.

Sector's news

Presentation of the feasibility study for the hybridization project at the Manantali solar photovoltaic power plant

Participation in the WAPP (West African Power Pool) Forum

17th General Assembly of the WAPP - West African Power Pool

Nodalis carries out a capacity-building intervention in DRC on electricity tariffication

Support to MCA-Senegal II to improve the performance of electricity distribution operators in Senegal

Transaction advisory for the development of the Ruzizi III hydroelectric project

Transaction advisory services for the development of solar and wind projects in Mozambique (PROLER program)

Study for the establishment of an Independent Power Transmission Operator (500 kV) between Laos and Vietnam

Nodalis strengthens its involvement in the mini-grid sector

Audit of the electricity sector in Guinea

Signing of the water storage concession for hydropower in Cameroon

A strategic and detailed guide for the deployment of solar power

Capitalisation Study on Off-Grid Electricity Access

Autonomous and sustainable financing of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA)

Nodalis, financial advisor to Cameroon in the context of the Nachtigal-Amont hydroelectric development project

Nodalis supports the authorities of NIGER for the preparation of a 20 Mwp solar power plant

Nodalis supports the authorities of Bénin for the preparation of a 25 Mwp solar power plan

Operationalization of an electricity Transmission System Operator in Cameroon

Nodalis advises the authorities of Niger for the development of a solar power plant