The signing ceremony of the private financing agreements for the Nachtigal-Amont hydroelectric dam project took place on November 8, 2018 in Paris. Nodalis is assisting the Government of Cameroon, as technical, economic and financial adviser, on this operation.

Since September 2016, Nodalis has intervened in particular on the following subjects: the analysis of risks and their distribution between partners, the review of the financial model of the project company, the review of the evaluation of EPC offers by the concessionaire, the review of project and financing agreements, and preparation and participation in negotiations with partners and lenders on commercial and tariff matters.

The Nachtigal project consists of designing, building and operating for 35 years a dam and a 420 MW hydroelectric plant on the Sanaga River at the Nachtigal falls, located 65 km northeast of Yaoundé. It also includes the construction of a 50 km electricity transmission line to Nyom. The project is being developed under a concession awarded to the project company NHPC (Nachtigal Hydro Power Company), made up of EDF (40%), IFC (30%) and the State of Cameroon (30%). The overall investment amounts to 1.2 billion euros and will cover approximately one third of the country's electricity needs. This is the largest hydropower project developed as a PPP in Africa to date.