Specialist in infrastructure, public services and cities in emerging and developing countries

Nodalis is a specialist in emerging and developing countries, offering its clients a full range of services related to the evolution of public services and infrastructures and the development of cities, in their institutional, economic, financial and technical dimensions.

More than 300 Projects
In more than 60 Countries
Across 7 Sectors

Our sectors


renewable energy | independent production | access to service | interconnection | storage

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Water & Sanitation

production | distribution | networks | irrigation | treatment | access to service

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Cities and local governments

municipal governance | decentralisation local public services | subnational finance

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Waste Management

integrated waste management | recovery | value chain approach | financing

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urban mobility | public transport | rail | roads | ports and airports

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climate finance | climate strategy | portfolio identification and appraisal

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Public-private partnerships

legal and institutional frameworks | PPP policies | project identification and pipelines | structuring

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ex-post | ex-ante | programmes | projets | politiques publiques

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Our services

Nodalis provides research and consulting services in emerging and developing countries, including the full range of services needed to address complex issues related to infrastructure and utilities, and the growth of cities.

Our services include strategic, institutional, legal, financial and economic aspects. Private sector participation in infrastructure development and utility management is at the heart of our business.

 Founded in 2004

Nodalis relies on

  • Its own team of dedicated and multidisciplinary consultants 
  • A network of trusted independent senior experts 
  • Numerous partnerships with international engineering and law firms and local consulting firms in our countries of operation 

Among our clients

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Nodalis is frequently seeking high-potential candidates with strong analytical skills and experience in emerging markets.