Nodalis offers its clients a full range of services related to the evolution of public services and infrastructures and the development of cities, in their institutional, economic, financial and technical dimensions.

Our services


  • Sector assessments and policy reviews
  • Public policy design
  • Drafting of laws and regulations
  • Prioritisation of projects & investments
  • Funding strategies and instruments
  • Support for the creation of sector authorities


  • Project identification and appraisal support
  • Feasibility and structuring studies
  • Preparation and management of tender processes
  • Transaction advice
  • Advice to private investors and operators
  • Training

Monitoring & evaluation

  • Technical assistance
  • Capacity building
  • Contractual and performance audits
  • Contract renegotiation and conciliation
  • Ex-post evaluations of projects and programmes
  • Support to the regulator

Our sectors

Nodalis' expertise covers all essential infrastructures and several cross-cutting themes essential to the development of our countries of intervention.


renewable energy | independent production | access to service | interconnection | storage

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Water & Sanitation

production | distribution | networks | irrigation | treatment | access to service

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Cities and local governments

municipal governance | decentralisation local public services | subnational finance

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Waste Management

integrated waste management | recovery | value chain approach | financing

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urban mobility | public transport | rail | roads | ports and airports

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climate finance | climate strategy | portfolio identification and appraisal

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Public-private partnerships

legal and institutional frameworks | PPP policies | project identification and pipelines | structuring

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ex-post | ex-ante | programmes | projets | politiques publiques

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