Nodalis mobilizes its diversified sectoral expertise to provide its clients with high quality evaluations, solidly informed and truly anchored in the technical dimension of projects as well as local realities. We carry out ex-ante and ex-post evaluations of projects, programs, and public policies in all our sectors of intervention (energy, mobility, water and sanitation, waste management, cities and territories, climate...), and have a large network of partners that allows us to project ourselves outside of our preferred sectors in order to conduct evaluations that include components outside of Nodalis' key sectors.

Our firm has conducted numerous project and program evaluations in Africa and elsewhere and has the geographic expertise necessary to conduct 360° evaluations of projects, programs, and public policies, in their legal, institutional, financial, technical and economic dimensions. Our strength lies in the combination of an excellent mastery of evaluation methodologies and a real geographical and sectoral expertise that ensures the relevance and accuracy of the proposed analyses.