Building up on its experience of public service delegations for improved electricity access in rural areas (Benin, Gabon, Mauritania...), as well as various strategy and capitalization assignments regarding off-grid electricity access, Nodalis recently started three missions dedicated to the development of mini-grids.

We bring our financial and legal expertise to the feasibility study for the Ruvyi and Mule hydroelectric facilities and associated mini-grids in Burundi. In southern Algeria, we contribute to a project management assistance regarding the strategic and financial aspects of a mini-grids hybridization study. Finally, in Burkina Faso, we provide our advice to ABER (the rural electrification agency) regarding the definition and implementation of a new policy for green mini-grids, including the definition of new business models, for the recruitment of future operators as well as the reform of existing mini-grids.

We are looking forward to strengthening our expertise in this key subsector, which has a crucial role to play while many countries, particularly on the African continent, are stepping up their efforts to implement SDGs 7.1, 7.2, 7.a and 7.b aiming at universal access to electricity and a greater share of renewable energies.