Nodalis has developed a recognized expertise in PPP issues in emerging countries and offers its clients and partners the benefit of its large of experience in this field. Nodalis’ specificity is to provide multidisciplinary, integrated, and tailor-made services covering all the fields required for the preparation, negotiation, and implementation of PPP operations: economic, financial, legal, institutional, technical, and communicational.

Nodalis' PPP services include the following :

  • Support for the development of the legal and institutional framework
  • Identification and prioritization of projects that can be developed as PPPs
  • Advice to public decision-makers on the choice of the type of PPP and support in the selection process of the private partner
  • Management and coordination of service offers, and financial advice to investors and private operators
  • Training and capacity building for contracting authorities

Nodalis' reputation in the field of PPP is based on its long practical experience of such projects in emerging countries. Some of the projects in which Nodalis has been involved have won international awards, such as the Nachtigal hydroelectric power plant in Cameroon, for which Nodalis was the financial advisor to the government, and the concession for a toll highway between Dakar and Diamniado, for which Nodalis was the financial advisor to the project sponsors.

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