To facilitate investments and encourage sustainable improvements in waste management services in emerging countries, Nodalis develops strategic recommendations and roadmaps at national and local levels. Nodalis is able to provide long term technical assistance, for example for the development and operationalization of national solid waste management strategies. At the local level, we have assisted the government and several cities (Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir, Greater Amman, Brazzaville, Antananarivo...) in the definition and implementation, at the inter-municipal level, of various public policy projects and investments in the household and similar waste management sector.

Our experts also have a very operational knowledge of household and similar waste management. They intervene at all stages of the implementation of a solid waste management service, from the design (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies) to the transaction and monitoring/evaluation of projects.

During our missions, we are led to explore the implementation of innovative financing tools. As part of the design and preparation of a major national program to improve municipal waste management services in Mozambique, we contributed to the implementation of a Packaging Tax, based on the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility. The mission also included the design of a sustainable financing mechanism for household waste treatment and recovery infrastructures.