In the spring of 2018, Nodalis was in Antananarivo to carry out two training sessions on the financial strategy of municipalities and on the management of urban public services. These trainings, financed by the AFD and co-organized by the M2PATE and the INDDL, are part of a logic of transposition of the "Parcours Collectivités Locales" of the AFD training center (CEFEB), in support of the decentralization process in Madagascar. About forty trainees from the different municipalities of the Grand Tana agglomeration took part in the two modules which took place over a week each and mobilized many Malagasy and international experts.

The entire project has been entrusted to the Franco-Malagasy group Groupe Huit (leader) - FTHM - Nodalis. The initiative aims to contribute to the development of the INDDL educational program for the 1,693 municipalities and Decentralized Territorial Communities, called upon to play a decisive role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals at the national level.