The Morocco Local Government Support Program (Programme d’Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales – PACT) is one of the most ambitious initiatives supported by the World Bank in the urban sector on the African continent. Nodalis Conseil was selected by the Ministry of Interior to design the institutional reform of local public services supported by the PACT and to assist four pilot metropolitan areas in setting-up and operating the new service delivery model.

Ultimately, the project will improve public services in three key areas: electricity supply, potable water and sanitation services, solid waste management and public urban transport. To help fulfilling this development objective, Nodalis Conseil is designing and putting in place a dedicated Technical Assistance team. Within two years, this team will help organizing multi-sector inter-municipal cooperation bodies (Groupements d’Agglomérations)  and local joint ownership companies (Sociétés de Développement Local)  acting as public asset companies to professionalize capital planning, project management, and private sector service delivery contract management.