The Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing Morocco requested the EBRD to participate in a water program for the conservation of the Saïss water table by financing part of the water distribution pipeline from the new M'Dez dam. This funding will potentially be supplemented by a donation of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). A public-private partnership is envisaged for the operation and the maintenance of this network.

In order to appraise the project and to take a decision on its prospective financing, the EBRD has selected a consortium comprising Nodalis and two other partners (WSP and ACGC) to conduct a technical economic and financial due diligence of the project and its structuring in a PPP in order to assess the potential risks, impacts and benefits. The consortium will also conduct an environmental and social impact study of the project in line with the GCF requirements. Nodalis will conduct a review of the institutional framework, of the tariff issues and the subsidy policy and conduct a financial analysis of the project.