Nodalis Conseil was selected by CARDNO, who received funding by Dfid to develop a financial model for Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Mozambique (CFM), a public company in charge of the development of Mozambique’s port and rail activities.

CFM manages three transport corridors (ports and railways) either directly or through concessionaires. CFM is thus a key player in the economic development of the country and is especially important for its mining activities. CFM is also a major player in the economic development of other countries in the region, in particular for those that use these transport corridors such as South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe or Malawi, but potentially also for Zambia and the DRC.

The financial model developed by Nodalis Conseil will allow CFM to prioritize its ambitious investment plan and will provide detailed information to potential investors, particularly large Development Finance Institutions.

Early November 2015, Marc Muller led a training session to present the financial model that was developed to CFM’s managers. This mission helped ensure that CFM’s Financial Management had taken good ownership of the model. A final version of the model will be developed, based on the latest discussions that took place during this mission.  This model will be delivered to CFM by the end of November.